Pepper Canon

David Slusser

Quadraphonic fixed media derived from 1950 monophonic recording

Shorty Rogers (Milton Rajonsky) wrote and arranged this showcase for the Stan Kenton band's emerging alto sax star, and named it for him: "Art Pepper". It remains an obscurity, too progressive for its day, and a bit overwrought in retrospect. From my years as a music editor, I recognized both Rogers' and Pepper's motifs for each section had natural contrapuntal possibilities. Though each section required a different rhythmic offset, the scalar nature of the material, harmonic overlap of II-V-I sequences, and drummer Shelly Manne's rock-solid timekeeping revealed a latent fugue throughout, from dreamy to frantic. Art Pepper, the man, went on to be a haunted jazz star, dreamy and frantic as well. Channel 1 is the original recording, uncut, as the cantus firmus.

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