1. India

From the recording Stray Horns Play Sun Ra

Sun Ra's original recording had only the Wurlitzer electric piano playing the theme, followed by a trumpet solo.  It was unclear to me that there was a formal theme statement, until only recently, when I saw Sun Ra's copyright documents.  It definitely matched an area of Ra's opening piano section.  As Sun Ra's version had no horn ensembles, I chose to orchestrate his piano figure a few ways to build out my arrangement.  To cap it off, I paraphrased some of his piano soloing and voiced it for three flutes.
Darren Johnston -trumpet, Mara Fox -trombone, Sheldon Brown -flute, Steve Heckman -flute, David Slusser - suona, flute, Terry Rodriguez -piano, Mali Vincent Williams -bass, Greg German -drums. Recorded 05/21/16 at the Musically Minded Academy, Oakland, CA